Ball Screw Repair

There are a range of issues that may be the reason for a ball screw breaking down. For example, if dirt or debris finds its way into the barrel of the ball screw, that may result in mobility issues. If this happens ball screw repair is possible. However prolonged use of the ball screw apparatus may also result in operational difficulties. In situations such as this ball screw repair can be more difficult.
For those who are familiar with any mechanism that has these components, you may recognise that ball screw repair is necessary when you detect a decrease in output precision. A lack of precision may be due to rough running, due to wear and tear on the ball screw. A loss of smoothness happens as a result of the ball bearings scraping against the interior of the shaft. Over time the constant motion will file down the threads on the inside of the shaft,affecting the running of the ball bearings. Without a doubt the use of lubrication will lessen the friction which is a direct result of the moving components in the ball nut, while concurrently helping to seal the components against dirt and dust reducing the necessity for ball screw repair.
If you choose to use oil make sure that you don’t flood the apparatus. When the larger apparatus is in motion, the oil or other lubricant can be forced into the ball screw causing the tube to split under the extreme pressure. Do not neglect the fact that ball screw repair is sometimes necessary when the larger apparatus starts to get old. Coverings and cladding can become damaged over time, resulting in holes that act as entrance points for small pieces of dust to the ball screw.
Of course the ball screw itself can shatter, especially if something goes wrong with the larger mechanism. This is termed machine crash and results in a massive force being sent to the ball screw in the space of a millisecond. The sudden shock can cause the ball screw shaft to bend or break. Potentially it may also damage the balls inside the screw or alter the structure of the ball nut. In the case of such a machine crash the ball screw may function straight away, and subsequently it might cease to operate correctly and ball screw repair is then required.
Mild scrapings on a ball screw can usually be reversed, as the apparatus can be polished. Components of the screw can be altered, but ball screw repair can be difficult in some cases.


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