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Ball Screw Information

A ball screw is a mechanism that can translate rotational motion into linear motion. This happens without much friction, energy loss through frictional effects is kept to a minimum. Similarly the ball screw apparatus becomes worn less quickly. A ball screw is typically of a greater size than a lead screw, as there is a mechanism contained inside the ball screw nut casing. Continue reading


Rockford Ball Screw

You will find a choice of Rockford Ball Screws are available today. The Rockford Ball Screw is available in three forms – free wheeling, preloaded and keyway ballnut screws. Each of these designs of Rockford ball screw vary in design and operation, although each one is equipped with the basic ball screw components. Continue reading

Ball Screw made by Thompson

Thomson Ball Screws are manufactured using one of two processes. They can be rolled or they can be ground. Rolling involves pushing steel into molds to make the correct shape, while the grinding process is used to create thread profiles and leads in an extremely precise manner. Continue reading