Rockford Ball Screw

You will find a choice of Rockford Ball Screws are available today. The Rockford Ball Screw is available in three forms – free wheeling, preloaded and keyway ballnut screws. Each of these designs of Rockford ball screw vary in design and operation, although each one is equipped with the basic ball screw components. Therefore they include recirculated ball bearings, that move along the ball nut when the screw is rotated, unless the screw is being back-driven.
The preloaded Rockford Ball Screw features a rolled thread ball screw and no less than two ball nut assemblies. A noteworthy design because usually there would be only one ball nut on a ball screw. The preload effect occurs because the ball bearings inside each nut are placed on one side of the screw only, for each set of ball bearings. The manufacturers make use of spring packs to achieve this. Preloaded Rockford ball screws are less accurate than standard ball screws but are cheaper to make. Two ball nuts adds to the friction by a small amount and also causes a small reduction in load capacity.
A second Rockford ball screw design is the free wheeling ball screw assembly. What makes this assembly unique is that it has a ball cage inside the nut. This is used to restrict the distance that the nut can travel along the screw making use of stop pins. Efficiency is not reduced despite the ball cage, but a difference exists between the effective screw lead and the actual. Therefore the circular motion of the screw does not give position information. The keyway ball nut screw is another variation on the Rockford ball screw that can be ordered from the manufacturers.

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